Here you can find a list of the most interesting projects I’ve done during my university studies. Certainly I’ve done many more projects, some of them very interesting and complex and some others I don’t think even worth mentioning,  but here I include only those which I’m most proud of. Unfortunately, the documentation of all these projects is in Spanish, so I’ll just add a little explanation to each of them.

Please be aware that all the code shared here is licensed under GPLv3.

ROV Controller (Master Thesis)

  • Language: C
  • Libraries: GTK, Gstreamer, Linux API, LibC, Pthreads
  • Documentation

Jam Compiler

Anil’s Unix Shell (ash)

Predator: Quake 2 Bot

FTP Client

Vector Race Game Solver

Logic Puzzle Solver

Tangram Solver

Data Encryption Standard (DES) Implementation GTK + CLI

I²C Multi-Master Library for Microchip PIC

Motor Control Library

x86 Assembly Clock