The end of a very long journey

I finally did it, oficially I am now M.Sc. in Computer Science. After long years of very hard work and sleepless nights, but also living under the comfortable feeling of being always busy and the certainty of what was to come. But that’s it, this moment had to come and my days as a university student are over, but I believe I’m ready for what lies ahead.

My Master Thesis consisted in the design and development of a software architecture for monitoring and controlling a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV). It consisted of two software blocks: the control system  and the operation system. The control system is the main software architecture, designed to allow multiple modules to work in parallel connected with one another, each of them controlled by a supervisor which guarantees that the system is always working and deals with software and hardware errors. On the other hand, the operation system allows the user to connect to the control system, visualize the sensory data and operate the vehicle.

The software itself is not very complex, but the design of the architecture is focused on offering efficiency, robustness, reliability and flexibility. One of the main goals of the design is to give the developer the ability of adapting the software architecture to different control models, and even to different types of vehicles or robotic systems, such as an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). You can read more about it in the documentation, although it is in Spanish.

I had to give a presentation, where I explained the different aspects of the project and demonstrated the results. It went quite well, and I think it took a little bit longer than expected, but I was finally given the highest grade. Overall, I am certainly going to miss being a university student.


  1. Hi,
    Could you pass on code and software files as I am working on a spherical underwater robot for by masters project in NUS singapore.
    I would be a great help.
    Thanks a lot cheers 🙂

  2. congratulation man , i have been following your work for some time know so well done .i my self have being working on aerial UAV using C# for instrument display and video link , where i read data from imu,GPS,and battery voltage and send then to the ground where i use serial port to read the data at the same time using USB video adapter display the video feed but i can get it to work any help you can give me pls

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